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finch : fort lauderdale, fl : 8/26/04

yesterday was fantastic. i got to the venue around 1pm and just waited around with a bunch of friends.

OMAHGOODNISS. RANDY came outside and was talking to us. it was so funny. he had half of a beard and half a moustache. one side of his face was insanely grizzly and the other side was smooth and hair-free. hahahaha. and he had on a safari hat that he said he probably got in san diego or something. he had just been swimming at the beach and let us in on the fact that he peed in the ocean. it was quite amusing. i felt like i was the only one talking to him and thats okay. but man. i always watched the dtr dvds and thought it was so awesome how he always messed around with the crowd/line and was curious if he was always like that. well, amanda, he is. he was so awesome. god i love that man. he was telling us that we were troppers for waiting in line so long. and we should get badges or something.
we went inside, watched the 3 opening bands and then finch was up.
i was so excited. they opened up with worms of the universe and it was awesome from the beginning of the set all the way to the end. they didnt play stay with me though which made me sad :( they didnt play letters to you either. and no encore. how depressing. but still amazing as fuck.
i got a setlist. its missing a piece, which my friend has. maybe i can con it off of him haha.
i waited around with a group of other guys that were yelling at the security to get the drumstick that was almost in half and stuck in the ceiling for them. who got the drumstick though, guys? YES. OF COURSE I DID. BECAUSE IM FUCKING AMAZINGLY AWESOME. SCORE.
last night was an amazing night. i love finch. i always will.
finch live counter: 3

i took some pictures of finch's set. about 35-40. and i have a 1:35 video of untitled. IM me if you want to see it keepyourjealousy

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